According to a trio of recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls, voter trends reveal a near deadlock in the Peach State between the two major party presidential candidates.

While candidate Donald Trump has been favored throughout the majority of the campaign, in light of recent controversy surrounding the republican candidate has suffered from a decline in support by Georgians.

As of November 3rd, Trump appears to be only one point ahead of democratic candidate Hillary Clinton among likely voters.

However, early voting in GA has thus far occurred as history would predict, as Trump leads over Clinton in a 48% to 46% comparison.

On another note, It is not solely the role which controversial issues play in this election that are described as factors underlying the decline.

One poll found that the race could be narrowing as African-American support for Clinton grows. Specifically, this demographic makes up 29% of likely voters and a “breaking for Clinton by a 91 percent to 6 percent margin.”

And although Trump is leading the race among early in-person voting in GA, as time has passed, the republican presidential candidate’s lead has show to decrease.