President Barack Obama made two stops in Florida on Thursday to campaign for Hillary Clinton at the University of Miami and the University of North Florida.

In his speech, Obama remarked that although he is not running again, a vote for Trump would undo his work over the last eight years.

He continuously chastised Trump for his remarks about women, Muslims, and immigrants, as well as the way he has run his businesses. He especially criticized Trump’s choice not to release his tax returns, suggesting that he may not have as much money as people think he has.

“The choice could not be clearer,” Obama said as he urged the audience to vote. He believes the qualities that made Clinton a great Secretary of State will also make her a great president, such as her intelligence and temperament.

Obama also suggested that people vote early, as he believes the race will be a close one. The latest CNN/ORC poll proves him right, with Clinton at 49% among likely voters and Trump at 47%. While Clinton has consistently been ahead in Florida polls, this is a very tight race for being so close to Election Day.