Rock the Vote is where pop culture meets politics.

The non-profit, non-partisan organization has been around since Madonna got on stage

Madonna pioneered the Rock the Vote movement.

wrapped in an American flag and urged people to vote. The group targets young, new voters, in an effort to make voting something exciting and relevant. They offer tools like online voter registration, election information, and polling place information; it’s basically a one-stop shop for all your election needs.

You may have seen their get out the vote efforts on television, heard them on the radio, or even seen it at a live concert, like I did.

This group is capitalizing on social media channels, by initiating the hash-tag, #rockthevote. The hash-tag allows celebrities and young voters to connect by expressing the same values. Rock the Vote offers this great slogan:

“Don’t let your silence ring louder than your voice.”

Such a powerful communication message for people who are unmotivated and uninterested in today’s politics.

Aside from the slogan as a persuasive technique, the Rock the Vote campaign calls on celebrities to be there spokes-people. The list of celebrities is huge and spans three pages of the Rock the Vote website. Celebrities from Anderson Cooper to Beyonce to John Legend to Wiz Khalifa and everyone in between.

Take a look at their commercial before the 2012 election.

Recently, we’ve been hearing radio ads featuring Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas on the airwaves. We’ve also been seeing ads on MTV, based on the partnership between the cable channel where the movement got its start.

Research shows that MTV is not the best place to advertise for potential voters, but according to Rock the Vote, their research shows there was a higher young voter turnout in places where the ads ran on cable television.

Rock the Vote is continuing their efforts to get young voters to the polls this year, an election where the young vote is really going to make the difference.