It’s crunch time.

Former First Lady Rosalynn is set to takeover Georgia in one final attempt to influence voters to elect democratic candidate Hillary Clinton this upcoming Tuesday.

Rosalynn Carter, wife of 39th United States President Jimmy Carter, will host a luncheon, attend a millennial voter forum, and speak to an audience at local restaurant “Carter’s Grill” in Albany, GA, a rather familiar environment near her hometown of Plains, GA.  

This tactic of the campaign is strategically targeting what they perceive to be a persuadable public in attempt to “flip” the predicted red state to blue.

Political campaigns are demanding processes, requiring attention of the candidate in various locations simultaneously. In effect, a campaign surrogate, or a person who acts on the behalf of a candidate, often appears at events which the candidate cannot attend.


By utilizing Carter as a surrogate, the Clinton campaign aims to build biographical connections between the former First Lady and the residents of the GA area.

Carter appeals to various publics within GA, serving as an alter-image to the campaign in attempt to gain support for the candidate in a strategic way.

The use of surrogates as a main feature of campaigns seem to be especially impactful in presidential campaigns for elections where there is a large portion of undecided voters.

To gain sway these undecided voters to vote democratic this election, the campaign appears to draw on the favorable reputation and local ties held by Carter to ultimately gain support through positive messaging.

Additionally, Trump’s campaign has no intentions of sending surrogates to the traditionally republican state (as the strategy of the campaign is to target early voting democrats in these final days) which further allows for the reinforcements of messages promoted by the Clinton campaign, a strategy which intends to increase the likelihood of persuading nonpartisan voters.