As of today, Clinton leads Trump in Virginia by 4.3 percentage points (48.0 for Clinton and 43.7 for Trump). Since the Clinton email scandal, polls have risen for Trump, but have since leveled out. Why?

This past week, many people have been left perplexed by the sudden increase in Donald Trump’s polls, and slight decrease for Hillary Clinton’s polls. Well, it seems like the Clinton Campaign also picked up on this, as they decided to buy an enormous amount of ads for Virginia this week. She and Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine were also scheduled to make appearances in Northern Virginia this past week, to seal her poll numbers.

Although Clinton doesn’t necessarily need Virginia to win the presidency, she does need to gain those 13 electoral votes. Every electoral vote counts, and this would be an easy victory for Clinton with the right amount of ad buys and surrogates. Governor Terry McAuliffe has campaigned for Clinton, making sure she wins his state, as he is a friend and fund-raiser for the Clintons.

With just four days before the election, it seems like Clinton could definitely pull for those 13 electoral votes, with the ad buying and campaigning she has been doing.