After a 2014 change in voter laws allowing Minnesota residents to apply for an absentee ballot whether or not they have an ‘excuse’, early voting rates have sky rocketed. 13%, over 416,000, of registered voters in Minnesota have already cast their ballot for Tuesday’s election.

Due to Minnesota’s “relaxed” voting laws, those eligible to vote almost have zero reason but to cast their ballot. Not only are voters allowed to mail in their absentee ballots, but they are also allowed to vote early at a variety of official locations throughout their individual counties. Eligible voters are also able to register to vote the day of the election as long as proper identification and proof of residence is presented.

However, voters who voted early aren’t necessarily doing so because they are unable to on election day. Many voters have reported that they voted early because they are exhausted and done with the election, they cannot wait for it to be over. A feeling that myself and many people I have spoken to share with these early voters.

Ken Martin, the chairmen of the DFL (Democratic-Farmer Labor Party), speculates that 60% of these votes came from DFL members. If this speculation is correct, it continues to prove the prediction that Hillary will win the Minnesota Electorate votes in Tuesday’s election.