“Do not feel good right now. It shouldn’t be anywhere like this close.”

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper expressed his concern for the closeness of the election in Colorado at a rally held by Bill Clinton in Denver. Clinton challenged his wife’s supporters: “This is a change election — I do agree with her opponent on that. The question is: Are you going to change forward, to build on what we are doing right?  … Or are you going to change backward and go back to trickle-down economics on steroids?”

On Friday afternoon, one more event was added to Trump’s campaign trail: a rally in Denver, Colorado. Tonight at 9:30 PM Mountain time, Trump is expected to appear at the National Western Complex.

The Trump campaign is still anticipating a potential win in Colorado and they are putting much of their final efforts into the state.

This includes Mike Pence’s visit to Loveland, Colorado on Wednesday. Pence spoke to the overflowed crowd of supporters that they are working hard to make Donald Trump the next President of the United States. He pointed out the importance of this election lies partly in the fact that the next President will pick a Supreme Court Justice, which will essentially decide the course of the Supreme Court for decades.

For the Clinton campaign, Bernie Sanders held a GOTV event today at Colorado College, located in Colorado Springs.

The events held today are expected to be the last campaign events held in Colorado by both campaigns.

According to recent polls Clinton and Trump are neck-and-neck in the state, which is different from the large lead that Clinton has held for the majority of this season. However, projections predict that Clinton will win the state as expected.