Contrary to popular belief, there are large publics of liberal individuals residing in southern states. Trae Crowder, a stand-up comedian and ___ appeared on CNN Friday evening to discuss the 2016 presidential election with Don Lemon.

A lot about political campaigning, and campaigning within other fields of research such as marketing, advertising, and public relations, relies heavily on the segmenting of publics based on one or few stereotypes unique to the group of individuals.

While ethics lies in the research used to determine which individuals live where, as well as an individual’s fundamental belief system, as audiences are ever changing, a significant amount of characterization occurs.

Further, in various other ways, the mapping of the US is treated as some regional segmenting in which (regardless of ethical backing) cannot accurately reflect each individual and may as a result silence that individual as they feel as though they are a smaller component within a larger, more dominant system.

The Liberal Rednecks, a three-man stand-up comedy group, collaborated in publishing a manifesto, titled The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin Dixie Outta the Dark, which draws on experience of “liberal rednecks” or individuals who deviate from the historically active and traditionally viewed conservative south to argue in favor of their democratic political affiliation amidst an opposing majority.

The satirical humorists reveal the hypocrisies in fundamental elements while standing proud behind their heritage.

Taking into account demographics and psychographics of the south, this vision is common to a large proportion of southerners. However, due to societal norms and dominant powers, these voices are often silenced as a result of and individuals desire to avoid collisions within the perceived majority or as an effect of the dominant belief system.

Whatever the case, having opinion leaders such as these satirists (and other humerus figures such as late-night comedians or writer who employ irony in their text) provides a sort of channel or environment for other voices to be spoken, ultimately reinforcing the great democracy with which the the United States of America was built on.