The newest video being featured on the homepage of tells the story of Hillary’s entire campaign for the presidency. It is appropriately titled, “The Story of Us.” And we, americans always love a good story.

The video begins from the surfacing stage of this presidential election cycle. The first clips begin with candid moments from the making of Clinton’s initial “Why I’m Running” video. Throughout the campaign she has been criticized for coming across artificial and for being a ‘career politician.’.Therefore, this is effective because showing these “off book” moments works as a way to humanize Clinton.

After the candid moments, they show a clip from the final product with Clinton saying, “Everyday americans need a champion and I want to be that champion.” This works to reinforce the overall theme of her entire campaign, which is that Clinton is a fighter for the everyday american and she will fight for you.

The video then moves into the primary stage featuring videos of Bernie Sanders.

One of the most memorable moments from this stage of the “story” is the moment Clinton and her team found out that she officially clinched the nomination for the Democratic party. It was a celebratory moment on an airplane with Clinton wearing no make up and showing raw emotion.

Then the video moves into the convention stage showcasing all of the memorable moments and soundbites from the convention. (Of course it shows Michelle Obama’s famous line: “When they go low, we go high.”) This is effective because they use the words of her most popular surrogates.

The final stretch of the video shows flashes and soundbites of Trump’s most offensive and abrasive moments during his campaign. Which is a perfect way to transition into Clinton’s performance in the general election.

They showed, what I like to call, Clinton’s sassiest moments of the final debates. Featuring her widely meme-ed shoulder shimmy and her greatest jabs at Trump. It is wise for the campaign to showcase these moments because they saw a boost in polls when they originally happened.

Appropriately, the video ends with a call to action for viewers and supporters to write the next chapter of the Clinton success story with their votes this upcoming Tuesday.

This video was very positive and in my opinion, effective. For those who have been supporting Hillary from the beginning, this video is chill-inducing and puts the whole process into perspective.

The message and tone of this video are drastically different from the video that had been featured earlier today on the site.

The earlier video used fear tactics to motivate voters to get to the polls this Tuesday. It portrays news in the first year of a Trump presidency.

The two videos are representative of the moods of Clinton voters in this election. They either really like Clinton or they really hate Trump.

So the Clinton campaign wants you to pick your poison, whatever video will motivates you enough to get out to the polls this Tuesday; watch and listen.