Currently, there are several states that are in a tight senate race. Indiana is one of them.  Originally, Representative Todd C. Young, a former marine and a republican, seemed to be set up for an easy win. Young, who is originally from Pennsylvania, has been representing Indiana’s 9th district since 2011. Additionally, he represents classic republican views. He is pro- gun, pro- life, anti- Obamacare and naturally very pro- veteran. Things seemed to be going well until former senator Evan Bayh, who is a democrat, announced he would also be running for senate. Bayh has loads of experience as he was an Indiana senator from 1999-2011, and he was the governor of Indiana from 1989 to 1997.

While Bayh has certainly given Young a run for his money, Young has maintained a small five point lead over Bayh. This does make sense with Indiana’s national voting outlook this year as the state will very likely go red. However, this race has been deemed a toss up as  likely voters have polled at 45% for Bayh, 45% for Young, and 4% for libertarian option Lucy Brenton.

Since both men have represented the state previously, a massive amount of negative ads based on past legislature and decisions can be seen in the state. Super PAC’s on both sides have poured thousands and thousands of dollars into advertising to help their cause. Overall, this race is certainly as unpredictable as they come, and it should be very interesting to see the outcome.