Congressman Barry Loudermilk, who represents Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, seeks to learn from the mistakes made by the democratic party in order to unite the conservative party, creating a stronger party for years to come.

During a recent visit to a tea party meaning in his district, the Georgia native put to use his experience as a motivational speaker to encourage behavior change within the republican party following Tuesday’s election.

“You look at the other side – they’re unified, but they can’t stand each other,” spoke Loudermilk, following with emphasis on learning from this stated weakness of the democratic party.

Loudermilk asserts that while the republican party has begun to unravel at the seams, attacking one another more than opposing party members, the party doesn’t  “blindly go along with each other,” thus, they learn.

Making sure to take his share of blame in the attacking of fellow party affiliates, the tea party movement aid proposed that once Trump wins presidency, as he believes will happen, a “transformation” in America will ensue.

However, regardless of how the election concludes, whether it be a win for the republican party or a win for the democratic party to his surprise, the resulting “transformation” will not be effective for the republican party if they do not unite together to strategically campaign against the democratic party by monitoring its weaknesses in elections to come.

These concerns uttered by Representative Loudermilk demand an urgent behavior change within the party to overlook minor differences, and further utilize the differences productively in order to come to a level ground among leaders and ultimately preserve conservative values within the United States.