Last night, Trump made a stop in Denver, Colorado where he is making a final attempt to secure the nine electoral votes in the state. At the rally he urged voters to hand deliver their ballots in order to avoid the “rigged” system.

Among other things, Trump promised to immediately repeal Obamacare when he is elected into office. He also touched on the subjects of immigration, Clinton’s e-mails, special interests, and the media.

Trump kept the common theme of the election being rigged and the media being against him. However, he did bring up a new topic at the rally: the use of Beyonce and Jay-Z at a Clinton rally the day before. Trump criticized the performer’s use of “raunchy” language and said that Clinton only needed them because she in “uninspiring” by herself.

Although one poll concludes that the opponents are tied, most polls coming out of Colorado still have Clinton in the lead. With only a couple days left in the campaign, it is unlikely that Trump’s appearance will make a huge difference in the state, however polls have not been conducted since the rally to see if it will make a real difference.