The day before Election Day, The state of Michigan has become the epicenter for both Democratic and Republican campaigns.Today, Obama and Clinton campaigned to get out the vote. Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Tiffany Trump were also here campaigning. These passed few weeks, MI has seen a number of surrogates and recieved numerous visits from both candidates due to the unexpectedly close battle.

In the last two weeks, Clinton’s lead in the polls has continuously dropped, and the state has resurfaced as a true battleground state. The state has seen little absentee ballots compared to other states due to their high restrictions. This leaves both candidates even more concerned about where they stand.

The Trump campaign has identified with a key group in the state, white working-class voters. Michigan has seen many jobs be outsourced to other countries. This group believes Trump may be the only way to new jobs. Trump needs to win Michigan and other large battleground states in order to win the presidency.

The large amount of attention MI has seen these passed few days suggests the internal campaign polls show an even closer race than the public ones. The election is a turnout game at this point in time.