With tomorrow being the big day for the election, there are hundreds of thousands of people all over Ohio who have already voted, or are waiting in line to do so.

In Franklin County, with nearly 6,000 people who showed up to vote, long lines backed up outside of the building for what has already been said to beat the 2012 turnout for the county.

In Hamilton County, their was speculation of a extremely low turn out this year but those reports were premature because 1,300 patiently waited in a line that extended for a quarter mile in order to place their votes.

In Montgomery County, Similar trends of high early voter turnout continued. Nearly 6,000 votes were casted and people were shocked because they thought they would be beating the rush by going on the weekend.

Lastly, in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland), even after the rally that Clinton held with rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyonce, early voter turnout was down 22 percent from the turnout in 2012 with just around 4,000 people in total showing up.

According to an article posted by Ohio Politics Now, “The Clinton campaign is calling it a success saying their get out the vote efforts are working in more urban areas, likely to vote for Clinton. But as you’ll see with our next item, it might not be that simple.”

So what does all of this mean for the electorates in Ohio? Seems as though Clinton still has a little bit of the edge. She is relying on a high African American turnout which would favor her, as well as a positive millennial turnout in order for her to secure the state and likely the election. Trump must rely on older, white, males, where right now he holds  a steady lead, if he wants to have any chance of winning one of the most crucial states in the election.