The Peach State broke it’s own record this presidential election in terms of early voting. With more than 2,180,000 votes casted during the early voting period, the state’s previous record set in 2008 was far surpassed.

More significantly, the counties which accrued the most early vote ballots were Fulton and DeKalb: two of GA’s most heavily democratic areas.

With GA being a crucial state for either candidate to win, assumed by officials to be one of the top deciding factors for the electoral vote due to recent polling, the resulting party affiliation of a large portion of early voters could be an indication of how the state will contribute to tomorrow’s election.

U.S. Representative John Lewis of the democratic party stated that high early voting ballots casted are a positive indicator for the democratic party candidate.

“Early voting numbers mean our demographics are turning out,” Lewis said, “including lots of young, millennial voters.”

In addition, Alan Abramowitz, a professor of political science at Emory University declared that, as the two counties leading activity of early voters are democratic counties, that could mean a greater turnout of democrats in the general election.

Early voting surged throughout the nation this 2016 election, revealing that while Hillary Clinton may be retaining support from Hispanic and African-American voters (though a decrease in support from these demographics for the party when compared to recent years), Donald Trump is benefitting from early voting in the midwestern states.

While there are multiple opinions regarding the ethicality of early voting, the benefits include the measurability the ballots allow, cuing leaders into “the composition of the voting population, the enthusiasm for  candidate, and organizational ability of a political campaign in turning out its supporters.”

There are more than 6.6 million registered voters in Georgia. And as the high early voter turn-out may lead some to predict a large proportion of democrats voting in Georgia, in less than one day the accuracy of these predictions will be determined.