As we head into election day (FINALLY), it is worth looking over Indiana’s place in this election. Indiana has often switched between Republican and Democrat options. The state has a mix of leaders with some being Democrats such as their senator Joe Donnelly, and several of their representatives, and others being Republicans such as governor Mike Pence and senator Dan Coats. Additionally, Indiana went blue in the 2008 election, yet only by a 1 percent margin. In 2012, the state  switched back to red.

In this current election, Trump seemed to have Indiana’s support from the beginning. Much of the polling data had Trump leading by at least 4 points, at most times.  In early October, Trump and Clinton came to their closest polling, with Trump leading by only 4 points. Yet, in the end, it seems that Trump has prevailed in gaining Indiana. Right now, Trump has a nearly double digit lead on Clinton in the state. It is certainly safe to say that Trump will come out on top in Indiana. At least we have the Senate race to keep us guessing!