On Friday of this past week, Hilary decided to spend time campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio. She hosted a rally hoping to appeal to the the African American community as well as a broad range of millennials.

When Hilary Clinton appeared in Ohio, she was not alone. She brought along two very influential figures in the African American community, Jay Z, Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, and many more. These performers all contributed during a concert and advocated for those in the crowd to get out and vote on Tuesday for Hilary Clinton.

Jay Z said during the rally, “I don’t have any ill will toward him, but his conversation is divisive,” he said. “He cannot be my president. He cannot be our president.”

This rally could hold to be very important for Hilary’s success in Ohio because she desperately needs the African American vote if she wants to win. Right now, in North Carolina, early voting records show African American turn our to be down 16 percent and this trend is seen in Ohio as well where major African American Democratic areas have seen a low voter turn out compared to previous elections.

I think it is safe to assume that with these influential members of the African American community supporting her in such a way that they did, surely this will help her cause and convince a good number of voters that she was targeting, to get out and vote.