On election eve in Missouri, citizens have several important issues to consider. These decisions include who they will vote for in crucial presidential, gubernatorial and senate races.  

President: This is perhaps the easiest to guess of the major races available on the Missouri ballot this year. Although in past elections Missouri was considered a swing state in presidential politics, this is not the case anymore. Currently, Donald Trump holds a 9.5 point lead over Hillary Clinton in an RCP polling average. In addition to this being quite the large lead, this is also something that has remained relatively consistent throughout the race. As a result, going into the election, Missouri’s 10 electoral votes will almost certainly go to Trump. Unfortunately for this majority of Missouri voters, they are unlikely to see their candidate in the White House, as nationally Clinton holds a 3.2 point advantage according to an RCP polling average. Furthermore, Clinton holds a much easier path to 270 in the electoral college.  

Governor: Missouri’s Governor race is particularly unusual because of it’s unique candidates. Participating in the race are Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster, who was once a Republican, and current Republican candidate Greitens who is a former Navy SEAL and Democrat. Having two candidates who have both switched parties may confuse voters but also results in variety. Greitens is mostly known for his outsider appeal, and unique ads that involve him firing a gun. In contrast, Koster is known for his moderate views and strong experience in politics. This pattern of the outsider versus the seasoned politician inspires relation to the presidential race between Clinton and Trump which could lead to positive results for the Republican. However, the race is reported to be tight, with Greitens holding a narrow single point lead in the RCP average

Senate: The most nationally anticipated race in Missouri is certainly it’s senate contest because of the implications it could have for national legislative control. The race between Democrat Jason Kander and Republican incumbent Senator Roy Blunt has been full of twists and turns. What started out as a race that would probably go to Senator Blunt, has now been reasonably described as a toss up. Currently Senator Blunt does hold a 1.3 lead in the RCP polling average. While this number is up from only a few days ago, the race could still be a victory for either candidate. Although Senator Blunt is an incumbent in a state inclined to vote for his party, Kander has proven to be a  strong candidate with his charisma and attention grabbing ads. This race is almost too close to call heading into election day, making it especially important for Missouri to vote.