Reno, Nevada.

A city filled with casinos, ski resorts, and a vibrant downtown area. November 5th, 2016 it was the city that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hosted one of his famous Trump rallies.

This soon became a frenzied scene because of a shout from within the crowd along the lines of “Gun!”

Within moments Secret Service agents rushed Donald Trump backstage and investigated the allegations. Within a few minutes the nominee was back on stage and stated, “Nobody said it would be easy for us. But we will never be stopped.”

The media reaction to this event was huge. Immediately it was being regarded as an assassination attempt, and Twitter was having a field day with the scare.

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Apart from the media exposure everybody was left wondering. Who was the man behind the commotion?

That would be Austyn Crites, 33. In an intimate interview conducted by the Guardian, we learned that Austyn is a Republican. The security scare was sparked over a sign that Austyn had printed off the Internet with the words, “Republicans against Trump”.

Austyn Crites was in the front of the rally with the sign and it did more than turn heads. According to his recount of the event, booing was shortly followed by physicality. When others at the rally were unsuccessful at grabbing the sign away from him, it became a mob. Trump supporters were tackling Crites with kicking, punching and chokeholds. Somewhere in the midst, a third party claimed Crites had a weapon.

When police intervened, Austyn said he was relieved because in that moment he was scared for his life. In the end—the altercation was a false alarm.

Surprisingly, closing remarks in Austyn Crites interview were not vengeful towards supporters. Rather, it was directed towards Trump as the instigator behind it all. Austyn noted that there is a trend of violence at these rallies, claiming he is a fascist and a dictator. When speaking of Trump he remarked, “…these type of people, they take good people and they turn them into animals. And that’s exactly what happened tonight.”

With Election Day tomorrow it makes people wonder. Who should Americans elect as their country’s representative?