With the Clinton drop in MI polls, the moments leading up to Tuesday are sure to be chaotic. The two candidates and their surrogates have been bombarding the state with visits.

Sunday, Bill Clinton kicked off the 48 hour mark till election day with a day of campaigning in Flint, Lansing and Metro Detroit. He is campaigning on behalf of his wife in order to energize voters. He spoke at two predominantly African churches. He spoke of the movements this country has made in terms of civil rights. Then, turned to Donald Trumps ability to reverse these decades of civil rights achievements.

Trump was also in the state Sunday at Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights. Here he discussed our need to bring back jobs to America. He highlighted key car companies who have outsourced their manufacturing.

“Chrysler laid off 5,300 workers and moved their jobs to Mexico, China, and other Countries,” Trump said in order to play off the need to bring back jobs to the “Motor City.”

The trip to Sterling Heights would have benefited from a change in location to Western MI. Trump is underperforming in this area which is usually a Republican Stronghold. In response to this need, he will be in Grand Rapids tomorrow night for a rally at 11:00 PM.

His running mate, VP candidate, Mike Pence will in Traverse City on Monday. This is his fourth time rallying in MI in the passed five days.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton will also be in Grand Rapids on Monday at 2:00 PM to urge voters to get out the vote.

President Obama will campaign on Hillary’s behalf at the University of Michigan’s baseball stadium. Hillary’s daughter, Chelsea, is scheduled to give an opening statement.

Other surrogates are scheduled to visit the state like Ivanka Trump and Sarah Palin on Trumps behalf, and more may make surprise visits in the final hours until the election.