Trump’s last minute yet highly anticipated Minnesota debut was overshadowed by FBI Director, James B. Comey’s, statement that there were no new developments in the reopening of the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails and that she would not be charged with any crime for using a private server as Secretary of State.

As the election comes to a rapid end, many criticized Trump’s visit to a state that has voted democratic since 1972. Trump, however, believes that he will be able to pull through and take the state Tuesday. Sunday’s rally included seasoned republicans, independents, and new voters. Many were former Bernie supporters who believe in Trump’s business skills.

These Bernie supporters believe Trump will be successful in removing corruption from politics, something they think would be strong within another Clinton presidency. Yet within the variety of supporters, there are significant criticisms of Trump and his last minute efforts to win the state. Democrats stated “the rally could backfire by firing up the DFL base and pulling thousands of Trump’s biggest supporters away from vital get-out-the-vote work two days before the election.”

It is unclear whether or not Trump’s forty minute speech could have had the impact needed to win Minnesota, yet his efforts speak more than Hillary’s neglect of the state throughout the duration of her campaign. There were over 9,000 people in attendance, long lines and security preventing the entire group of 17,000 who filled out ticket forms from participating.