This year, in Denver, more and more people are getting to vote: even the homeless. In Denver, many homeless people are registering to vote by using their homeless shelter’s address.

Because so many people are using the same few addresses, it is almost impossible to know for sure how many homeless people have been registered in the city. Some have estimated it to be nearly 1500 people.

The state is doing everything it can to make it as easy as possible for people to register. The idea is to get people to register early so that they are ready to vote when the time comes tomorrow.

Even Colorado’s Secretary of State, Wayne Williams, recognizes the importance of everyone’s voices being heard and is joining in the effort.

Williams’ office has gone so far as to give voters the option of text messaging to update their registration information and receive election information. Williams also prides himself on the fact that Colorado is “the only state to have a publicly-available database with elections-related information, including voter registration, elections cost data, county performance information, and various other elections-related records.”

Whether or not these efforts will make a huge impact in the election is yet to be determined, however they are absolutely appreciated by those who may not have been able to vote otherwise.