Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump finished campaigning strong. As polls are closing and tensions are high take an election-watching break to watch last evenings campaign highlights.

In Hillary Clinton’s final efforts she was joined in concert by names like Bon Jovi, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Springsteen. All the celebrities preached their beliefs to America reaffirming their support for Hillary Clinton and broadcasting that ‘they’re with her’.

Last night, Trump closed his campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan with an unorthodox midnight rally. Although he spent time ridiculing his opponent, he played on his strengths, inspiring supporters with the words, “Today is our independence day.”

In the race to 207 electoral votes, neither Democrats nor Republicans will forget the Presidential Election of 2016. Interestingly enough both candidates are in New York City tonight waiting on pins and needing as they watch campaign results unfold. Clinton is at The Peninsula in New York City surrounded by family, and Trump is at the Trump Tower in New York City.

A huge ‘congratulations’ goes out to both nominees and in a few hours when the results are final, the country will (hopefully) at last come together again as one.