For a first hand account of the key issues Nevadans face, we interviewed a family from Las Vegas. Claudia and Greg Price are the proud parents of 4 children. They have lived in Las Vegas for a grand total of 33 years. Their children, ages 14, 16, 19 and 20 years old attend Faith Lutheran High School, The University of Nevada Reno and James Madison University. As a family of Mexican Americans with contrasting political views, they give insight spanning a wide range of information addressing what is really important to the citizens of Nevada.

  1. According to online sources, these are said to be the main concerns in Nevada; traffic, overpopulation, yucca mountain, education, and water shortage. Of the following, which would you say are most important and why? Which problem is most important to you as a parent and a voter?

The most important issue is education. We are ranked 50th in the country as having the worst education system. Every year brings teacher shortages, and class sizes are crazy! I have heard there are as many as forty to fifty kids in per classroom. Kids cannot learn when they have to deal with constant teacher shortages and having a different substitute teacher all the time. Over crowded classes are also problematic as is not being able to enjoy the perks of extra curricular activities because of inhibiting budget cuts.

I do not see traffic as being a huge problem. Mostly because I do not have to deal with it! People still have to go to work regardless of the traffic situation. Likewise, tourists will still visit regardless of the traffic situation, and I do not consider traffic an impeding matter.

Overpopulation is certainly an issue because that correlates with our education problem. It can also mean we have an increase in the amount of homeless people. On the flip side, overpopulation can helps our economy because we now have to build more homes and apartments, leading to more jobs.

Our water shortage can potentially become a bigger problem than it is now. Lake Mead is getting lower and lower every year. Our government provides incentives to home owners to replace our “real” grass with artificial turf or desert landscaping. We have restrictions on watering our lawns right now. Hopefully we do not get to the point of restricting our water usage inside of our homes.

Yucca Mountain is a problem. But, not just a problem for Nevada! Let’s say we give the go ahead to store all the countries nuclear waste it Nevada… It still has to be transported here somehow. All of the cities and towns that this “stuff” will be traveling through also have a problem.

By far, the most important issue at hand for me is the education of our children. Our school system is beyond repair! The government seriously has to look at finding solutions to fund our school system first, instead of funding a new football stadium.

– Claudia Price

  1. How do political views play a role in your family? Additionally, how do they place a role in your families’ role in the community?

We are a house divided when it comes to our political views. Actually, I think I may be the only democrat in our home! My husband is a Republican and apart from one Libertarian daughter, the political stance of my children remains undecided.

My husband and I have our opinions, but we have never shoved them down our kids throats. Moverover, we have never talked politics on a regular basis. Is that bad? I’m not entirely sure. I do wish I were more passionate, and with this election… This election has worn me out. It has been very disheartening.

– Claudia Price

  1. Who do you think will win the vote for Nevada in the Presidential election? What about in the Senate election?

I believe that Hillary Clinton will win in the Presidential election in Nevada, and Cortez-Masto will win the Senate race. Clinton may be a liar, although I would argue most politicians are when they make promises knowing they cannot be kept. But, I do not see her as a bully. Trump is a bully and a bully is not liked by anyone. However, that is only my opinion.

– Claudia Price

Based off of the answers given in this interview we have a better understanding of the core values of this state. The decisions candidates make in relation to these topics will positively or negatively impact the way Nevadans perceive the candidates eligibility for office.