While the presidential race in the Tar Heel state will be a nail-biter, the Senate race may be a little less so.

Recent analysis by FiveThirtyEight suggests that the incumbent, Richard Burr (R) will win decisively in his re-election bid. He has irked his Republican colleagues this entire election cycle though with his very mellow campaign style but it seems that’ll not harm him in the end.

Famous in the Senate for not wearing socks with his shoes, Burr has basically been pulling a sleeper of a race this entire year. This has allowed his Democratic challenger, Deborah Ross, to drill into his Washington Insider status. The damage done to Burr by Ross doesn’t seem to be enough to take down this incumbent. Democrats are not quitters though. A national Democratic Party committee reported to have put $375,000 in media buys in the last several days of the election.

Overall reports suggest that this won’t be enough and that it came too late. My prediction is that Senator Burr will pull off a victory in this state. Perhaps it will be close, but close doesn’t count in politics.