After my short sabbatical from blog posting, I have come back to give my final predictions on who will win the Tar Heel state. Queue the drum roll please….

It’ll be a squeaker, but I believe Secretary Clinton will pull off a win over Donald Trump. FiveThirtyEight suggests the same results with the latest projections, as of this morning, saying Hillary Clinton has a 55.5 percent chance of winning North Carolina.

With all of that said, it won’t be an easy win for her. CNN has information that says early voting for Clinton lags that of 2012. And if we remember, Romney barely won that state against President Obama that year.

This gives Republicans ray of hope because the numbers suggest that 125,000 more Republicans have cast early ballots this year, as compared to less Democrats casting ballots than in 2012.

I still believe my prediction holds true though and that Democrats will manage to pull off a win. What will truly decided the state’s 15 electoral votes will be the Independents. Stay tuned for more.