The day we have all been waiting for is finally here. Whether the election has been making you crazy, or you have been hanging on each candidate’s every word. Tonight the chaos is coming to an end and our country will receive the answer to the question they’ve been asking for almost a year and a half. Who will be our next president?

Minnesota has traditionally been a Democratic state. The 10 electoral votes of Minnesota have gone to Democratic candidates. In my opinion, this election will fall into line accordingly. According to the popular website, fivethirtyeight, popular vote polls throughout the campaign have polled Clinton between 40-45% and Trump between 35-40%. Third party candidates receiving the remaining. Although Minnesota is frequently seen as competitive and Trump himself has even expressed that he believes he could win its votes, I believe it will be a win for Clinton.

Other national seats open in Minnesota this election include the House Representative races in the 2nd, 3rd and 8th congressional districts. Angie Craig (D), Jason Lewis (R), and Paula Overby (I) are candidates for the seat in the 2nd district. Terri Bonoff (D) and incumbent Erik Paulsen (R) in the 3rd district. And finally incumbent Rick Nolan (D) and Stewart Mills (R) in the 8th district.

Although the presidential contest seems easily predicted, these congressional seats will definitely be interesting to see how they are play out.