The votes have been cast. The results are in. We have our next president.

Few saw a secure path to victory for Donald Trump. Pollsters have been predicting a Clinton win since the general election began. Yet, last night the impossible happened.

At least we thought it was impossible.

One of the most important states for Trump to win was Florida, with its high number of electoral votes. Without Florida, Trump would have had to win nearly every other swing state to secure victory.

Despite monumental efforts from the Clinton campaign, Trump won Florida by a narrow margin last night. Clinton had 4,485,745 votes while Trump won 4,605,515 votes. That’s only a 119,770 vote difference. But it made all the difference for Trump in his path toward the presidency.

Many have taken to social media to question Florida’s decision to vote Republican for this election. They recently suffered through a terror attack on the LGBT community with the Pulse Night Club shooting. Yet, they ultimately chose to elect a president and vice president who do not believe in equal rights for members of that community.

Many have also pointed out that Mike Pence, the next Vice President, believes in electroshock therapy as a method for gay conversion. Members of the LGBT community, as well as several other minority groups, are fearful for the type of policy that will occur under a Trump administration.

This win for Trump in Florida by such a narrow margin mirrors the result of the 2000 presidential election, when the ballots in Florida had to be recounted. However, they ultimately favored the Republican nominee then as well.

The election results as a whole also mirror the 2000 presidential election, as Clinton is on track to win the popular vote while Trump has already secured the electoral vote. In the 2000 election, Al Gore won the national popular vote while George W. Bush went on to claim the presidency. This is an unusual occurrence, but has now happened for the second time in sixteen years.