For the past several weeks, election projections pinned Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton pulling out on top in Wisconsin. However, the historical night of November 8th 2016 proved those polls wrong as Republican Donald Trump won the ten electoral college votes from the the great state of Wisconsin.

According to an article post by the Wisconsin State Journal, Clinton would have been the first major-party presidential candidate since 1972 to win Wisconsin without setting foot in the state. However, her lack of attention to the state proved fatal, as Tump won by a 1% margin.

It had been 32 year since Wisconsin went red, but whether it be Clinton lack of campaigning in the state, or Trumps activity, he came out on top which proved to be an impactful victory in his electoral victory. Despite Clinton spending more in advertising in the final months of the election, Trump visited the state on five different occasions.

Regardless of the reasons, the win was unexpected by both parties, and crucial foe the Trump campaign.