This morning many Americans, including myself, felt like they were waking up to a nightmare.

All signs were pointing Hillary yesterday until the results came in. Races were closer than expected.

People might ask: where did the Clinton campaign go wrong?

My answer to that is: They didn’t.

They ran a traditional campaign. They played it by the books. She visited key states, she had a strong ground game, she had all of the right surrogates, she aired all of the right ads. But it wasn’t enough.

The political climate in America is ever-changing and with this election cycle, America was more divided than ever.

The people in the states that went blue are happier than those in the states that went red. The people in blue states are doing well economically.

There are many angry Americans who are fed up with Washington politics and the establishment. And this election ultimately came down to that.

Hillary Clinton might have had the experience, temperament, and connections to be President of the United States, but that’s just not what America wanted.

So many people in our country feel failed by the political system we have in place and they wanted a change. Which is why we saw the same people who voted for Obama in 2008, voting for Trump this election cycle.

People can blame Comey and the emails all they want. But I don’t think that that really was the main underlying cause.

Now, we as Americans need to stand behind our choice for President. Come January, we will have President Trump. The election wasn’t rigged, he won fair and square. It’s time to move forward.