In a state election that resulted in a Clinton victory, it is no surprise that a Trump Presidency has upset many of the voters and supporters of Clinton throughout the state. This frustration and disappointed reflected in those in the Denver Public School system, where students held a protest.

With the support of Denver Public School safety as well as the Denver Police Department, students from five high schools were able to safely and successfully hold a peaceful protest.

A lane of traffic was blocked off so the students could walk up to two miles, where they collectively met in a parking lot to hold a rally in protest.

The staff at the schools believe that if the students are able to voice their opinions now and have been heard, they will be able to begin conducting classes again in a peaceful environment.

More protests such as this one occurred later in the week.

The protests were very successful and allowed students to express their opinions on the election result. Because the protests were encouraged by the school system and the safety precautions were put in place, the kids were given a spectacular platform.