On November 5th, Hillary for America aired an advertisement across eleven battle ground states, including Colorado, entitled “Roar.”

The video is a combination of film showing children, women, minorities, families, and workers who are all smiling and happy. Over the film coverage is a series of statements describing why the people are voting. These statements include “I’m voting for the community… I’m voting for fairness… I’m voting for our future.”

By the end of the video, tapes are shown of a younger Hillary Clinton along with more recent coverage of her campaign rallies. The advertisement ends on the statement “I’m voting for a President.”

Over the advertisement is the song “Roar” by Katie Perry, which is a song about a person who is fed up with being treated badly and is now standing up to fight for herself.

Knowing this, the advertisement is clearly reaching out to the audiences that are represented in the video. From rural to urban areas, spreading across all genders, races, and cultures. The creators of the advertisement understand the number of people who are underrepresented and are trying to advocate for Hillary because she can be the voice that they need.

Although Clinton ran as a sort of incumbent candidate, as she planned on sort of continuing Obama’s legacy, she did campaign on change. Her promises included maintaining many of Obama’s policies, but also creating new policies to help the people who continue to be underrepresented. She planned on supporting specifically women and children, as she has done throughout her career as a politician, but also other minority groups.

Clinton ran on the campaign slogan “Stronger Together” which this advertisement clearly reiterates. The people in the video are coming together in order to elect a President who will support, understand, and voice their opinions.

This advertisement was extremely effective in bringing together all aspects of Clinton’s campaign. It reached out to her main supporters and audience, clearly stated her campaign message, and used a background song that made the message stand out more.