Well, the election season is officially over and to the shock of many, myself included, Trump will be the nation’s next president. Now how exactly did Trump manage to win the electoral votes? Looking back on the election cycle, here are my thoughts.

First it is important to discuss the media. The media made it clear that Hillary Clinton would more than likely be the winner of the election. In my opinion, this is part of why she failed. The media placed so much pressure on her success that voters who would have voted for her as “a lesser of two evils” did not go out and vote because they assumed she would win anyways. Next, I think that there was a silent majority in this election. I think many people felt embarrassed to admit they were voting for Trump. Therefore they either avoided discussing the election or simply played the “I’m not voting for either card”. Third, I believe that third parties helped Hillary lose. Gary Johnson was able to rank up a good number of votes in many states. Combine those votes with Jill Stein and that is a large number of potential voters. Perhaps, had there not been third parties involved, those votes would have gone to Clinton. Lastly, something notably worrisome is current voter id laws. Wisconsin turned out to be a crucial state in this election. And yet, it has been reported that at least 41,000 voters were turned away due to the strict id requirements. To add to that, Trump won Wisconsin by only 18,000 votes. In addition, many states closed voting centers and downsized causing massive lines and potential voters in low income areas to travel far to vote.

Overall, I never thought I would say this but Trump won. As shocking as it is, he was able to win over the country despite losing the popular vote. I think it will be interesting to see how his actions play out in the next years, although I am terrified for my friends who are in minority groups. In the end, all shock aside, he won fair and square and now we will have to wait and see how he leads.