Much like the rest of the country, Missouri became a part of a Republican sweep in the November 8th elections, introducing a new era in government. Although some of these outcomes were to be expected, others included close races which ultimately went red, regardless of hype.

  1. Presidential Race

Unlike some of the other swing states which ultimately broke for now President- elect, Donald Trump, Missouri had been expected to vote for him for practically the entire race. Although polling statistics shifted with current events, Trump’s lead was always far above competitor Hillary Clinton in polls for this state. As a result, it should come as no surprise that Missouri’s 10 electoral votes went toward Trump’s ultimate 290 count to elect him as the next president of the United States of America. This state remained consistent with national trends, as the most urban areas were won by HIllary Clinton, while the rural areas instead voted for Trump. Final numbers show Trump winning 57 percent of the vote, Clinton coming in second with 38 percent and third party candidates and write ins accumulating the remaining five percent.

  1. Senate Race

Although the Senate race in Missouri was considered by polls to be too close to call right up until election day, incumbent Republican Senator Roy Blunt was the victor last Tuesday. This win came after a hard campaign fight by democratic challenger Jason Kander, that included attention grabbing ads with charismatic appeal. These ads definitely helped Kander, as his polling numbers soared after the ads were placed, and grabbed national media attention. Even so, final results showed that Senator Blunt held onto his seat, with a 3.2 percentage point lead. Only time will tell if Kander, who was once Secretary of State for Missouri, can bounce back to a further political career.

  1. Gubernatorial Race

Missouri’s new Governor-elect is Republican Eric Greitens. This race together with the competition for Senate is what made the state a must watch among swing states in 2016. After ballots were counted, Greitens was found to have exceeded expectations, with a six percent lead over Democrat opponent Chris Koster. Including the win in Missouri, Republicans now control the Governor office in 33 states, the highest number for Republicans since 1922. This demonstrates just how large the landslide victory for conservatives was, with contol going all the way from federal to state level. In fact, aside from one democratic Senator, the highest state-wide elected office a Democrat will hold in 2016 for Missouri is the office of State Auditor.

  1. Ballot Measures 2016

Among other important decisions made by Missourians this election cycle, were several key ballot measures. Perhaps the most discussed was Amendment six to the state constitution, which requires that voters show on ID at the polls, and this measure passed by 63 percent. Other measures which passed include a limit on campaign contributions, prohibiting new sales taxes and a continuation of a small conservation tax.