Scott Walker has been a hot topic in Wisconsin politics for some time now, and is now entering a more national scene as he takes over as Chair of the Republican Governors Association.

Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Walker will be working all across the country over the next two year attempting to ensure that republican governors stay in office. According to Gilbert, the bulk of Walkers position will include laying the groundwork for the 36 governor elections taking place in 2018.

The GOP controlled Washington can only work in favor of Walker and his efforts, as long as the first two years go well. “If the policy works, I think (our) governors are in a great position. If for some reason, they just fall apart, which I don’t think they will, obviously that would make it much more difficult,” he said. As long as the Republicans on capital hill pass effective policy, helping to progress the country, Walkers task of winning GOP gubernatorial elections becomes a little less daunting.

Walkers first two elections are next year in New Jersey and Virginia. A republican currently holds the New Jersey office and a democrat currently holds the Virginia office.