In a race that was too close to call for a few days, the winner of the Granite State’s Senate seat was finally announced. Governor Maggie Hassan was announced winner of the contested race. The announcement was reinforced by Senator Kelly Ayotte’s concession to the Governor.

The race was one of the closest of the entire campaign season, Hassan winning only by about 1,000 votes in the entire state. Though it was an expensive race, spending totals being $120 million, the Democrats needed this seat to inch their way to the majority.

Polls showed the entire time that the race was tight, the difference between them was just a fraction of a percent. Therefore, the results do not come as a surprise to many who kept an eye on the race.

Governor Hassan’s win definitely shows her likability in the state and the importance to remain moderate and pragmatic. Also, for the first time ever, the Granite State will have two Democratic women in their Senate delegation.