Utah has voted for the GOP candidate since 1964. This election was historic for many reasons and in many states, but not Utah. While it looked like Utah could be a battle ground state after the primaries, in the end, Utahans continued to vote conservatively. Donald Trump took 46% of the votes.

But just because he won the state doesn’t mean he’s well liked there. Utahans felt conflicted throughout the general election, up until the last day. Democrats went out to the polls early to cast their votes – skewing the points to make the race seem tighter than it was. Republicans, however, began to vote toward the end, showing their reluctance and creating long lines at polling areas.

Exit Polls

Exit polls in Utah showed that Donald Trump was viewed less favorable than more than Romney, McMullin, Vice President-elect Mike Pence or Independent candidate Gary Johnson. However, Clinton and Obama scored even worse.

24% of voters thought Trump was honest and trustworthy, while 18% said the same for Clinton. These numbers are extremely low, showing that neither candidate was favored in this state.

Half of Trump’s voters admitted to voting against Hillary Clinton, rather than for Donald Trump. While 70% of Clinton’s voters said the opposite. They were truly with her instead of against him.

Mormon Voters

Earlier in the election, Donald Trump thought he had a “mormon problem.” However, the Mormon’s took his side in the end in Utah. 61% chose Trump in the end, regardless of his discrimination toward muslims. Nonetheless, this is a large decline from Mitt Romney who received 78%  of Mormon voters and George W. Bush who received 80%. Those who left the republican party for this election did so because they didn’t believe Trump had good morals. Many of them went to Independent candidate Evan McMullin.

Voter Concerns

Although voters were not thrilled with their choices, many are thrilled that the outcome was ultimately in their favor. Utah republicans are excited about the future. They are excited for a change in direction. The concerns that Utah Republicans have focus on making the supreme court conservative, lowering taxes, and getting rid of ObamaCare. These voters support immigration reform that is less severe than what Donald Trump campaigned on. They also are more supportive of allowing refugees into the United States than many other Trump supporters are.

It has been fun covering the state of Utah during this general election. I have learned more about Utah than I ever thought possible. That’s a wrap.