To save on the suspense of it all, the short answer is that no one knows yet. It is approximately one week after the election and the absentee and provisional ballots have still yet to be completely counted.

As of writing this post, Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) is in the lead by 4,300 votes compared to the incumbent, Governor Pat McCrory (R).

And on Wednesday morning, Cooper declared victory but McCrory has refused to concede yet. Originally, North Carolinians would know their winner by November 18 but complications in tallying the votes have delayed the finishing until after Thanksgiving.

Cooper is in a better position though coming into the final stretch of counting the provisional ballots. Cooper has won eight out of the ten counties with the most of these ballots. These are highly populous counties (e.g. Durham County) that swing heavily in favor of Democrats. The North Carolina Republican Party recognized this and has filed a formal complaint that will challenge the counting in Durham.

Roy Cooper’s campaign has reiterated on several occasions that they believe they are to be the victory and helped to solidify this with the victory announcement this morning. As of this moment, there are 18 Democratic Governors elected nationwide. If Cooper maintains his victory. Democrats can add North Carolina to their list of states.